Your Gastronomy guide to the top Michelin Star Restaurants around the World – Part I

Every connoisseur dreams to savour cuisine as a major integrand of their life and this list of restaurants is a must try for each one of them in order to relish a level of luxury gourmet that is incomparable and the ultimatum of delectable food.

Here are the top picks from our team of the best Michelin Star Restaurants for the perfect fine and dine experience:

1. Azurmendi, Spain:

Spain A perfect fusion of culture, taste and originality. Highly acclaimed chef Eneko Atxa brings to his audience an eccentric experience of not just enjoying his food but also witnessing the produce at the terrace garden which is used to make food.

The building is also an Eco-friendly establishment and the edible cotton along with their famous snacks served at their greenhouse is a highlight to the rendition.

Address: Legina Auzoa, Larrabetzu,

Vizcaya, Spain

Azurmendi – Terrace and farm

Azurmendi, Spain

Chef Eneko Atza

2. The Restaurant At Meadowood, USA:

Situated in the Napa Valley, The Restaurant at the Meadowood is a complete luxury fine-dine establishment displaying a menu that is changing seasonally and holds unique innovations added to the menu from time to time.

Chef Christopher Kostow gives attention to detail while preparing as well as in the presentation equally which that sets this restaurant apart from others and into the Michelin star list.

Address: 900 Meadowood Ln, St Helena

California, USA

The Restaurant at Meadowood

Chef Christopher Kostow

3. The Song Of India, Singapore:

Indian chef Mural Manjunath has not left any table unturned to have his restaurant on the Michelin rated. Serving pure Indian cuisine with traditional favorites like Butter chicken and Lamb chops, the authenticity of flavours speaks for the restaurant along with its classy and plush seating giving a modern luxury dining experience.

Address: 33 Scotts Road,


4. Robuchon Au Dome Restaurant, Macau:

Located on the 48th storey in the Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macau. This restaurant offers different menus for the visitors of which the most noted one being the prestige menu holding renowned dishes like the King crab and Caviar to name a few.

Chef Julien Tongurian’s innovations with respect to flavour mixing and food pairing are famous all over Macau.

Address: 43/F Grand Lisboa, Avenida De Lisboa, Macau Peninsula,

Macau, China

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