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Completely personalised, highly subjective, and constantly evolving, travel with Lafayette Luxury eternally adapts to changes in and around you.

For us, experiences transcend mere appearance, channelling your inner-most physical, emotional and intellectual needs. Because luxury travel is not just about magnificent hotels and the best flights, but about the journey that enriches your soul in ways you couldn’t imagine.

With us, you will experience the finer things in life, sprinkled with the hidden gems of a destination and its culture. It is both, enriching, and authentic.

Your Chariot in Air

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Getting from one destination to another should not be a sprint, but a carefully crafted and designed route letting you savour every moment. Allow us to indulge you in comfort and accessibility like never before with the wide portfolio of concierge services under one roof.

With wide offering in the best of air travel, exquisite travel is just another thing to check-off from your to-do list.

Palace on the Sea

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Imagine the amber rays of the sun setting on the horizon while you are perched on the deck of a floating wonder in the middle of a vast ocean. Nothing can compare to the peace, tranquility, and solace of a perfect getaway on a private yacht.

Be it an intimate proposal, or a romantic soiree, with the help of Lafayette Luxury holding the best mix of concierge services, craft your way into the ideal sea extravaganza that fulfils your every yearning desire.

Luxury Living

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An impeccable destination deserves an equally excellent stay. Laid in the lap of a springing wilderness, amidst the crowning snow-clad peaks, or buried in the deep caverns of an undiscovered beach, we take pride in providing you the very best of luxury experiences that any place has to offer.

Enthrall your Taste buds

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The ideal way to get most conformity from any destination are the scrumptious and varied delicacies that can tingle each and every taste bud you possess. 

With tie-ups at the best restaurants in the world, access to secret menus, and specially reserved dining experiences with the best chefs on the planet, you will always have VIP access to restaurants and luxury experiences around the globe.

Opulence on Wheels

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The car you drive or are driven in should exquisitely match to your style and charisma. With our worldwide luxury car rental service, feel the thrill of driving the fastest coupe with the wind being your companion, be cradled in the lavishness of the most luxurious sedan to grace the roads, or go off-road in the best-in-class SUV. 

Anything you desire is the command of this personal concierge firm.

Buried Gems & Hidden Treasures

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Every place on the face of our blue sphere has an abundance of pristine, untouched and glorious hidden sights and experiences. With a collection of best-in-class experiences around the world, our grasp and recognition of such concealed wonders is sure to mesmerize you.

Floating to the edge of space, or swimming with the unique orca whales, we are devoted to creating a memorable and worthwhile fantasy come true.

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Insight into the world of curated travel With Lafayette Luxury

  • Let us know what your DESTINATION IS.

    Send an enquiry containing the details and purpose of your travel.

    “Hey, Lafayette.
    I want to plan a 15-day getaway to United Kingdom.”

  • Get access to limitless experiences.

    We bring together incredible experiences across different cities and provide you with an experience binder, containing a gamut of experiences in music, adventure, sports, and more.

  • Design your travel.

    Once you get access to the binder, choose the experiences you would like to live. Keeping in mind your preferences and likes & dislikes, you can design your travel by carefully selecting the experiences.

  • Receive the itinerary draft.

    Relying on the travel designed by you, and prioritizing your preferences, we create an exquisite itinerary for you, which consists of all the details of your trip.

  • Finalize your itinerary.

    Revise your itinerary, ensure that there is no experience worth missing out, or whether the travel arrangements are sufficient and revert to us with changes required.