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Unlock a world of luxury and lifestyle management with our global network spanning 80+ countries. At the center of it all are our Client Alliance Personnel, serving as your one-point contact, ensuring unparalleled service with every request

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For Business
  • Covet Circle

    ₹ 1,15,000/annually + taxes
    1 Card Holder + 1 Beneficiary + 15 requests per month

    With the Lafayette Luxury Covet Circle membership, you have access to the concealed wonders of the world that extend from having a Villa on a Private Island in Fiji to an exclusively guided village-to-village trek in the lush surroundings along the Panchachuli Himalaya Range.

    Venture into the world of the undiscovered, to experience a sight never seen before and to appreciate the finer things in life is the ways never imagined.

    • Client Alliance Personnel
    • Luxury Fine Dining
    • Gifting Services
    • Events Access
    • Luxury Travel Management
    • Luxury Charters
    • Luxury Experiences
    • Airport Concierge 
  • Grand Circle

    ₹ 2,15,000/annually + taxes
    2 Card Holder + 2 Beneficiary + 20 requests per month

    With the Lafayette Luxury Grand Circle membership, we offer tailored services to the select few who have the zeal for the multifarious possibilities of life.

    A sailing expedition with your family and friends aboard the infamous ‘Dunai Baru’ ship along the seas of Komodo Islands, or having a purely customised vacation planned with unique private cultural excursions and dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurants.

    • Everything in Covet Circle...
    • Personal Shopping 
    • In-House VIP Shopping
    • Event Management
    • Limited Editions
  • Royal Circle

    ₹ 3,95,000/annually + taxes
    2 Card Holder + 2 Beneficiary + 30 requests per month

    The lavish way of life that our clients are accustomed to, needs to be catered with utmost attention to detail and lifestyle adroitness.

    From arranging the perfect discreet travel experiences around the globe to procuring the most expensive vintage cars like the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO, no request is too big at Lafayette Luxury.

    • Everything in Grand Circle...
    • Auction Events
    • PR Management
    • Investment Solution - Real Estate 
    • Lifestyle Curator
    • Referral Cards


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