Welcome to the Land of Habibi: And the Luxury that Follows

The Hong Kong of the Gulf, and the city of Gold, Dubai, glimmers through its grandeur and futuristic built, and yet has the undertone of a warm , old-world essence.

Dubai will make you want to splurge on your bank account and dive right into the lap of luxury. The billion dollar destination has it all- from shimmering skyscrapers kissing the night sky, soothing sunny beaches to lively night scenes, quintessential shopping, private yachts cruises and dining at the world’s tallest restaurant.

The city is all glitz and glamour and continues to be synonymous to, magnificence with all that it has to offer. Still want to know more about what lies in store for you? We list the best six luxurious experiences you can indulge in Dubai and treat yourself with the lavishness you rightly deserve.

Exotic stays

Explore the royal lifestyle with luxury suites and more. Wonder how it would be like to have stingrays visit your room?

Explore the unseen with the The Palm Atlantis underwater suites, waking up to breathtaking views of ancient remains of the lost city of Atlantic and its marine inhabitants. The only resort in Dubai which is a destination in itself.

Another remarkable hotel is the Five Palm Jumeirah, which is the perfect blend of contemporary architecture and intuitive service. It is both a party and a culinary hotspot. The primal location of these stays at Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah Island, lets you enjoy private sandy beaches, and outdoor swimming pools with the backdrop of beautiful Dubai Marina Skyline.

La Mer, Dubai

Dubai’s newest beachfront, La Mer is the perfect blend of the sun and the sea. Eat, play and unwind in luxury, amidst boulevards lined with palm trees, timber pathways, graffiti art sculptures. Whatever you interests are, there are definitely some thrills and spills for you to pursue in this world-class leisure and entertainment hub. With the magnificent Dubai skyline and the majestic Dubai View, a day on this golden sand is the most lavish luxury you can afford.

VIP Shopping at the Dubai Mall and City Walk

An epicenter of luxury goods, everything about the Dubai mall screams refinement and peculiarity. Be it personal concierges to a private stylist, live a truly VIP experience shopping at this treasure box. A tinge of pampering, abundant exclusivity, custom assistance and eccentric services – Are you thrilled to live the luxe life yet? At the mall, there is always something that will pique your interest.

If strolling and styling is what you adore, set your heart on VIP Shopping at City walk, Dubai. The walk fosters the modern city vibe and is fashioned in a french theme, bringing a retail revolution to the city. From exclusive brands, to custom services – there is no luxury you can be deprived of.


Indulge in the roylty of Nightlife and Restaurants

In Dubai, the luxury is good and over the top opulence is even better, and this is best witnessed through the diverse glimmering establishments and their VIP services. These clubs are bound to take over you- White Club, with its edaphic electro and house music, Sky 2.0 with its Miami vibe, Secret room with its personalized clubbing experience and the Penthouse at Five Palm jumeira with its stunning Dubai skyline views.

White Club

Sky 2.0

Secret Room Dubai

Go on a gastronomic ride with the most luscious dining at Zuma, the hands down best meat experience at Nusret , French delicacies at La Petit Maison and the ultimate brunch affair at the Carnival Tresind.

Five Palm

An off-road Desert Luxury Safari

This is where an exclusive dune bashing eccentric experience awaits you. How about living the life of an Arabian Nomad for a day? All it takes is a day of driving through the sands, followed by succulent meals under the moonlit sky. The

choice of your luxury ride is completely yours. Grab your favorite spot by the oasis and camp in the ambient scenery. Live your own Arabian chronicle

Short Excursions to The Cove Rotana Resort at Ras Al Khaimah

Explore the uniqueness of the Arabian Culture , at the Cove Rotana Resort , located in a blissful water inlet on the Ras- Al – Khaimah beach. Apart from the affluent facilities that the resort has to offer, the emirate of Ras Al Khaima has an extremely rich architectural heritage. Amidst it all, the undisturbed location of the resort makes it conducive for peaceful and refreshing days. Isn’t it all about the luxury being so wonderful that the expense kind of becomes a part of the point and a part of the distinction?

In Dubai, shell out as many experiences as you like, each one of them as royal and grand as the other. This ultramodern dreamscape offers golden holidays and fulfills desert dreams for luxury travelers, just like you.

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