The White Continent: Experience the unique Polar expedition in once in a lifetime Luxury Voyage

When we talk about Luxury, we talk of its different aspects that has a long list in itself. But being able to experience all these aspects in one curated travel experience to one of the last untouched places on Earth! It is a Luxury in itself.

The White Continent

With tourism being on a high-rise and travelling to a new country not being considered a big deal, there are expeditions coming up that helps travelling enthusiast just like our readers, experience places that are not easy to come by.

This December, open hands for a unique expedition to the Continent of Antarctica or more fondly known as the White Continent, which is a Luxury experience that is one of a kind and only a handful of people actually visit this vast continent of nothingness. Which makes being part of this expedition altogether thrilling and cherished for.


So, How does the Journey look like?

It all starts from from flying to the famous cosmopolitan capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires which is the connecting point to the Southernmost City in the world called Ushuaia and is the gateway to Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina and to Antarctica.

This is the city where where our Luxury cruise sits by its port and awaits for the incredible journey ahead.

This small pit-stop towards the route to Antarctica is an experience in itself as it boasts a host of interesting options for the tourist in you. From tasting the huge range of Argentina’s famous craft beers to wandering about it the natural habitats of the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Or if in the mood of a little relaxation before the long journey Ushusaia has amazing Ski resorts and Spas to make you feel the best and prepared for the beautiful voyage ahead.

All-aboard the The Majestic Explorer!

The mighty cruise ‘the Majestic Explorer’ is a 460-feet long vessel that serves its guests with utmost elegance and on-board activities and entertainment that makes the whole journey feel like a breeze.

With over 130 elegant Staterooms and Luxury suites designed by French interior designer Jean Philippe Nuel, the cruise doesn’t leave any stones un-turned when it comes to customer experience. Every nook and corner of the cruise has a touch of elegance ingrained in it making the luxury feel altogether marvelous.

The culinary experience aboard the cruise is not one to overlook as well as guests get the opportunity of taking their tastes buds for a ride with the fine-dining experience customized by two-time Michelin Star chef Vineet Bhatia and international Michelin Star chef Alain Ducasse.

On-board this Cruise, the voyagers get to experience the ultimate hospitality with the inclusion of an extravagant New Years Eve Gala with dance performances, open bar and at the top of it all, a good time. All the arrangements to welcome the new year in a breathtaking way beneath the stars in the open seas.

The Antarctic Experience

The glaciers of Neko Bay and Paradise Bay are two of the many milestones that the cruise will go through and will anchor at Port Lockroy. Once there, a sail via the Zodiac cruise will initiate to the largest colony of Chinstrap penguins at Deception Island and on to the quietest place of earth-Weddell sea. This is where the guests can experience the little crackling of the calving iceberg in the waters paving through the sea.

Chinstrap Penguins – Deception Island


Experience of a lifetime is what defines true luxury. With the expedition to the White Continent, one gets to be in place which is practically untouched by mankind and gets to be in nature in its purest form. And as the organizers at Q Experience say, every visitor is leaves this expedition with a trilling story to tell for many years to come.

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