The Unique Café List Everyone is Looking for!

The rise in the love for coffee has lead to the ascend Cafés. Cafés are like energy drink houses for individuals at work, from the morning and even during the evening. In any case, what is the distinction now?

The Café businesses figured out how to pull in the right kind of clients with the right offerings. University students needing a place to study, people with home-based work need a productive and social environment to work in, shoppers need a place to stop by and chat with friends, and people who want a casual and relaxing way to get out at night.

From serving just mugs of coffee, Cafés now even include delicious comfort snacks and dishes. From a soft playlist, some have even added live music or open mic with now so common services like Wifi. Cafés have become more than just a place to have coffee.

Cafés around the world have revamped the whole concept of a coffee shop, some treat their shops as their own brewery of coffees and some have even converted a home into a Café. Here are some of the most exotic and quirky styles of Café around the world:


1. Starbucks, Milan

Starbuck’s new Roastery Reserve has given us another reason to visit the beautiful city of Milan, Italy. Starbucks Roastery Reserve is the first store of this enormous coffee-chain. Drinking coffee in Italy is no less than an event, as Italy is the same country that has given us cappuccino and the macchiato. No wonder that the country resisted opening the first Starbucks of such kind, and not just a usual coffee house but a huge Roastery Reserve.

The 2500 square feet reserve tells you the story of how their mouth-watering cup of coffee is made. There is no doubt that this gigantic reserve is not just a café, it also features an affogato station, bakery, outdoor terrace, and second-floor coffee and cocktail bar. This beautiful and massive Starbucks in Milan is worth being on the wish list for a coffee lover.

2. Floral cafe at Naparson, Bangkok

One of the most enhancing features of a Café is its interiors, and Floral Café at Napasorn has truly raised the bars for each café out there. The striking and dazzling café is located at the Pak Khlong market in Bangkok; this is one of the oldest and the most eminent flower market in the city. Mr Phuwanart Chumsrikarin and his team of artistic individuals have given the café a delightful look by their artistic flower decorations. The heavenly looking flower bouquets are the heart of the café.

The café is just a flawless mixture of stunning vintage collections and vibrant flowers. The ambiance of the café is simply breathtaking, from the alluring crystal chandeliers on the ceiling to the small bouquets on every inch is exactly how it feels to have a delightful cup of coffee and some flavorsome desserts between the beauties of nature.

3. Truth Coffee Shop, Cape Town

Steampunk Roaster and Café – designed by Haldane Martin is one of the largest roaster cafés in Cape Town, South Africa. The unique rustic and vintage interior of the space is what makes it so dazzling. The design focuses around a cast iron vintage roaster drum; the cast iron gives off radiant and convective heat making for a stronger flavored coffee than other coffees brewed in the more common steel drums introduced in the seventies, and it is this attention to detail that is key to this coffee joint.

There is so much to behold in this space that it is overwhelming in the very best way possible like the front bistro space is overwhelmed by the longest table in Cape Town, a 7.2m long common table with swing-out stools. It is worked from the mechanical pipe, pliant castings, and a tabletop produced using Oregon pine recovered from the structure’s stripped out roofs.

A glimmering flame bulb lighting and power link establishment hang over the table, keenly giving PC and cell phone charging access. But this isn’t a standard coffee joint – as it’s like stumbling into something special, a place that has been created out of love and a passion for the product and experience.


4. Le Pavillon des Canaux, Paris

Paris is renowned for its beauty. Every corner of the city is full of artistry and liveliness, from streets to every café. Le Pavilion des Canaux is one of the most beautiful and admirable cafés in the city of love.

This inventive ‘coffice’, an open to all work-space and a friendly coffee shop is by the banks of St Martin Canal and has transformed a huge house into an alluring cafe. What does a house incorporate, a bath, a bed, an outside space?

Le Pavillon des Canaux gives you the solace of all, from tasting a nice iced tea in a bathtub to a heavenly mug of warm cappuccino in a cozy bed. This cozy and homely cafe is an example of creative thinking and making the best of the opportunities to create something fun for every personality.

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