The Luxury Resort in the Sparkling French Polynesia: A Luxury experience in the nature’s best

The tincture of the South Seas- an atoll created by a dozen small islands which surround a sparkling beautiful lagoon, is how the beautiful island Tetiaroa should be described.

Make this private island of Tetiaroa your next luxury splurge, as you experience the regal life , and the most authentic, luxurious and enriching travel experience at the Brando , right in the mist of sublime nature. It’s a dream paradise, with white sand beaches, swaying coconut palms and mesmerizing flora and fauna- just as if you have walked into your own fairy-tale creating your own story on the go.

Here’s why


History, flora and fauna:

From the fact that it boasts of an awestruck beauty, the island has an intriguing history . For the Polynesians it is a very special place, being the place for the retreats of the royal Tahitians. Lookout for the ancient Marae Temples which ornate the island .

Get ready to explore the Polynesian lifestyles, culture and traditions which are lavishly reflected through every corner of the resort. Have a liking for the unexplored? The island is home to the rarest of species of birds and marine life and is a natural sanctuary. Witness the exodus birds join you every evening as you stroll along the beach.

The Luxury Stay:

At the Brando, each villa blends in perfectly to be one with the serenity and the surrounding around you. As the indoor and the outdoor merge together, experience luxury at its finest with the finest facilities and sensational views. Gaze out at the beautiful lagoon or just spend a cozy night tucked in your bed , this opulent tropical vista has endless tranquility to offer.


Stroll along the white sand beach or sip champagne as you watch the vibrant rays of sunset as they dive into the turquoise lagoon. Want to feast on the Polynesian charm? Enjoy an intimate gourmet dinner served on the beach or at the privacy of your luxurious villa.

Want a VIP shopping experience? Visit the luxury pearl shop, with Tahitian pearls which elicit fascination. Explore the local art, try on Tetiaroa apparel and accessories , indulge in Tahitian vanilla beans or organic honey from the Tetiaroa’s honey bees. There is just so much t o do!

There is an abundance of activities at the Brando. Dive and Paddle boarding, bicycling, snorkeling or bird watching , lose yourself amidst all that surrounds you. Do not just observe nature, be in it. Wear a snorkeling mask and witness underwater life in a firsthand experience at the coral garden, or simply just swim at Mermaid Bay or relax on the beach or by the pool.

Still can’t get enough of all the exploring?

Go on a biologist of the day excursions with naturalist guides or indulge in Polynesian dance, music and weaving lessons . Loosen up as you treat yourself with Varua Polynesia spa- the perfect blend of Polynesian and modern remedies.

The spa is beautifully located in the midst of lush vegetation , with quiet spaces for relaxation which includes steam bath, waterfall, tea lounge , and the Fare Mana, reveling in gentle energies.

Go on a gastronomic ride with Polynesian dishes, made fresh from the natural ingredients. Be it vegan options in the menu prepared by world renowned chef or feast in French and Polynesia dishes Beachcomber Café, or wind down at the Les Mutines by Guy Martin in beautiful tones of tropical lights and sand.

With the pristine lagoon ,thriving wildlife and rich environment – The island is a rare jewel. Return back relaxed and rejuvenated ,fulfilled with memories that are going to last a lifetime, with a sense of being closer to the nature like never before.

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