The Five Most Expensive and Amusing Celebrity Beauty Treatments: All you need to know!

Money does not buy happiness, but there are celebrities who would stand to disagree. From catering to regular skincare needs through wacky beauty treatments to lavish beauty routines, they have lived it all.

You would like to believe that your regular up keeps are impressive but wait till you read about these outrageous ravish and incredulously absurd indulgences which these celebrities swear by. These ultimate high end measures of beauty will leave you in disbelief as you refrain from questioning your beauty indulgences ever again.

1. Humidifier

Price – $ 2 Million

Generally, humidifiers are used for specific and consistent humidity. And as a relief, it adds moisture back into the dry air, which would otherwise lead to irritation in the skin. But should a $2 million humidifier be any different?

Celine Dion has used it for as little as keeping her skin from drying out and to protect and keep her vocal chords in shape , in the desert weather , which needed to be more humid for a better performance.

2. The At-home, Anti Cellulite Machine


Price – $ 99,000

If you have a Rigorous exercise routine and wish to star a super honed physique, you are probably not new to cellulite and its equal opportunity affliction. Madonna took it up a notch for a smooth and cellulite free skin. Unsurprisingly, this is the ultimate weapon for the war against the much dreaded cellulite and to combat unsightly dimpled skin.

The machine reduces the appearance and visibility of cellulite and increases skin tightness by heating up fat cells , and accelerates the decomposition as well . This treatment is as luxurious as it gets, but of course, you can go for simpler treatments.

3.Ruby and Diamond Facial

Price – $ 8,900

This procedure, called the HD diamond and Ruby peel has been in the talks ever since Mila Kunis undertook this treatment, right before the Golden Globes. The luxury diamond noir facial uses rubies and diamonds since they act as excellent anti-oxidants for the skin and create a “lustrous sheen”.

Once you are done with getting your face scrubbed with crushed stones, lactic acid peel is applied in order to stimulate cell turnover. This is then followed by ultrasonic hot and cold wands , and a gust of red LED lights. The treatment is unbelievably indulgent and refreshing. Although it is ridiculously expensive, Mila Kunis did claim she got her money’s worth.

4. Evian Bath


Price- $6,300

The world’s most expensive bath, exclusively available at the most eccentric of destinations- Hotel Victor, the hotspot of Miami Beach. But does the daft amount guarantee the blend of extra luxury and ultimate hydration?

This tub is 350 gallon infinity edge, with over 1000 liters of Evian Natural spring water, colorful Gerber Daisies drifting in water, illuminated scent candles , culinary creations and chilled Krug Grand Cuvee for some bubbles in the bath.

When Serena Williams first tried the Evian experience she gushed about the Evian Natural Spring Water the fresh strawberry bubble bath, and her very illuminated skin.

5. Vampire Facial


Price: $ 1,900

In the world of aesthetics, this treatment does not look remotely enjoyable. But Kim Kardarshian tried this and had posted on Instagram – a picture of her blood stained face during the procedure (it involves re-injecting one’s own blood to their face, after due procedure, of course.)

The treatment is done through applying PRP( Platelet rich plasma) which is derived from the serum portion of the blood containing platelets, which when applied to the skin stimulate cell turnover.This treatment is a money spinner, mostly because it has been attributed with certain healing and rejuvenating properties.

These treatments may not be the most expensive treatments in the world, since there’s no limit for how luxuriously these can evolve, but undoubtedly, these celebrities did show us what a luxurious good time looks like.

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