Relax, Rewind and Rejuvenate at the Best Glamping Sites Around the World

How does a vacation reconnecting with yourself sound? An adventure camping experience is a perfect opportunity to tune out the white noise of the city, and learn valuable lessons that builds the character. It’s an irony, but venturing out into the wild is actually a journey into the soul.

Combine the thrill of a camping trip with the hospitality of a luxury resort, and you have yourself a glamping adventure. An extravagant glamping experience is probably the best way to revel in an intimate engagement with nature. Here are some glamping experiences offered by luxury resorts around the world:

1. Keemala, Thailand

Where nature nurtures joy, and glamping is a luxury, come find yourself at Keemala in Thailand. Set amidst a virtually infinite sea of wilderness in a Thai rainforest, Keemala brings together the elements of adventure and lavishness to create a memorable experience for you and your family.

Impressive state-of-the-art villas in the form of tent structures and treehouses provide infinite luxury to the visitors, while being a door away from the jungle walkways and waterfalls. They specialise in the renowned Thai Healing spa rituals- imagine getting your tensions relieved by a professional masseuse, surrounded by the gentle sounds of nature. Situated not far from the sights of Phuket, this site offers total serenity for the mind, body and soul. Equipped with an assortment of 16 pool villas, 7 tent pool villas, 7 tree pool houses, 2 restaurants, 2 bars and Wifi in the middle of the forest, this is the ultimate destination to rewind, relax and rejuvenate.

2. Eco Camp Patagonia, Chile

The Eco Camp Torres del Paine has been awarded one of the best accommodations in the world and we’re here to tell you why. It is the world’s first geodesic dome hotel situated in the heart of the stunning Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

Constructed completely out of sustainable materials, these dome-shaped tents are modelled after the ancient shelters of the native Kaweskar people. The hotel offers a variety of activities ranging from a wildlife safari, multisport adventure to a slightly longer trip of a 7-day trek around the rich rockscapes and scenery of Torres del Paine. This is a glamping experience you cannot forgo, and one that will stay with you long after you’re back home.

3. White Desert Camp, Antarctica

A camp that boasts of carbon-neutral living in the cold climate of Antarctica, the White Desert Camp is certified by industry experts in hospitality to be an oasis of luxury in an inhospitable landscape. Travelling to the faraway continent is no mean feat, it takes a couple flights and a journey by sea – the White Desert camp is the only company in the world to offer a Gulfstream private jet to access Antarctica.

Once there, you’re in for a surprise- a picnic in the ice desert! Over four hours on ground, you can hike up to the summit of the mountain to gaze at the spectacular views of the Wolf’s Fang mountain range with expert guides on hand as escorts. This marks your escape to the cold land down south and you’re back on the jet for a five-hour journey back to Cape Town.The White Desert camp offers more curated experiences.

4. Longitude 131, Uluru, Australia

Located just outside UNESCO World Heritage listed Ulu?u-Kata Tju?a National Park, this is a 5-star luxury resort in Northern Australia. The location is a landmark – Australia’s most recognisable natural icon and one of the world’s largest monoliths, Uluru is the region’s gem and the sacred red domes of Kata Tjuta stand close to the resort.

The central Dune House of the resort offers the restaurant with ever-changing views of the monolith as a backdrop for every meal as well as lounging areas in contemporary campaign style, and with the floor to ceiling windows, there’s not a better experience one can have of the native Australian landscape. For stay, there is a gorgeous set of 16 tented pavilions or suites, a spacious bathroom, a private balcony, a music system, and wireless internet along with other premium amenities.Nestled among ancient dunes, Longitude 131° is a glamping experience that is as adventurous as it is luxurious.

5. Sonop, Namibia, Africa

With a selection of various tents, this glamping resort is within an extraordinary Nature resort in the Namibian desert, this is luxury out in the wild. Namibia has some of the most stunning desert landscapes of the world and has been the one of the best places to travel this year, the opening of this Lodge just adds to its popularity.

Sonop consists of 10 lavish tents, where guests can “live the life of yesteryear’s wealthy explorers from the early 20th century”. The property also offers a separate cocktail & cigar lounge, a spa, a fitness center, heated outdoor infinity pool, a gastronomic restaurant, communal area, stables, an open-air cinema, and a private airstrip. In addition, guests can enjoy morning yoga, electric bike tours, hikes, and stargazing using the lodge’s many telescopes. A desert safari with this level of luxury, you’d be hard pressed to miss it.

All traveling enthusiasts must encounter the pristine, intimate and magnificent hidden places of our wonderful green planet at some point in their life. These sites fall at the intersection of exceptional architecture with exceptional placement in a beautiful natural environment, away from the loudness of urban hustle and bustle. Undoubtedly everyone can find inner peace here, at the heart of greenery and fresh air. This is a meditative experience and that escape you have been looking for.