New Age Luxury Residential Developments Need to Have Simplified Luxury Lifestyle and Concierge Services

The new era of flat or residential property owners now expect services that make their lives easier. However in the luxury market, the expectations are much higher and sophisticated. Affluents of the society are looking for a healthy work-life balance and are turning the multifamily market on its head. To maintain a competitive edge, developers seem to be increasingly adding an extra level of luxury concierge offerings to help residents enjoy the luxury of time whilst lifestyle experts take care of their needs and desires.

Lafayette Luxury is one such luxury lifestyle and concierge service solution in the Indian as well as global market.

Residential concierge offers services that are “more experiential.” A luxury concierge service like Lafayette Luxury, can handle everything from chartering yachts to making airline, hotel and theater reservations. Renters and owners also benefit from help with everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, dry-cleaning pick-up and in-home package delivery. Even services like finding dog walkers, house-cleaning services, organic grocery delivery and 24-hour package delivery make the residents’ lives more easy and convenient.

Moreover, luxury concierge services go the extra mile in curating personalised experiences and services for you with their lifestyle experts. Getting access to personal shoppers, limited edition products from luxury brands, end to end travel itineraries or designing your everyday or dream events, they have it all covered.

To elevate the residential experience, Lafayette Luxury has partnered with the several in demand service providers creating a wide range of offerings that marries the residents needs and desires.

When it comes to the installation and use of these services the whole setup is pretty simple. One might even say that Lafayette Luxury takes the phrase ‘one call away’ quite literally and how so!

Well, depending on the real estate developers requirements. They can either opt for a concierge desk with a dedicated concierge manager in the residential lobby where residents can drop by and place their requests. The second and the most convenient option is setting up a direct line from every resident’s house and the common lobby to the Lafayette Luxury’s client relationship managers. Thus, with one call you can seek help and drop in requests directly with the experts at the concierge firm. Quite convenient!

In conclusion, the present and future luxury residences must have these bespoke concierge services at their disposal to truly enjoy the convenience and luxury of time!