Most Epic Wildlife Experiences to Watch out for

Have you ever imagined how captivating marine life is or how beautiful it is to be in a dense forest witnessing rare wildlife creatures? People do experience sky diving or deep-sea diving, but how about walking or swimming around one of the world’s most beautiful and rarest creatures? It is as enchanting as it sounds! Here are a few unique and sumptuous wildlife experiences that you would want to experience at least once in your lifetime.

1. Swimming with Jellyfishes, Palau Lake

There is almost the same number of species underwater as there is above it, but one thing is undoubtedly true that the underwater life is somewhere more fascinating! People fear jellyfishes as we have a set image of jellyfishes that they sting, which is true but some of these beautiful fishes are harmless. Moon Jellyfish are one of the most beautiful and harmless from the species of jellyfishes, these jellyfishes are found only in a few lakes such as Palau. The golden jellyfishes present in these lakes are so enchanting that you won’t be able to resist taking a dip with them.

These small moon jellyfishes are just like a softball of fur moving around you whereas you can even touch these beauties of nature and feel the soft and smooth texture of their body. People might describe underwater diving as a mesmerizing experience but swimming near these delightful fishes is one rare and just out the world experience!

2. Cage diving with Sharks, South Africa

This sounds like one of the scariest scenes from an action movie, right? Sadly, sharks are the most misunderstood creatures in the world, and they are at great risk of extinction. Diving with these beauties not only is a thrill, but it helps us to better understand the shark. A few adventure travel packages offer thrilling and adventurous experiences to witness sharks closely without any risk.

Cage diving is not like any other underwater diving or swimming experience. People do not take any diving equipment which is the most unique part of this experience, the bubbles from the equipment scare sharks away. The moment when you hold your breath inside the cage under the water and a huge shark passes by you is the exact moment you have been living for! The adrenaline rush as the shark is coming closer to you just makes the dip and your life worth all of it! If you have an interest in marine life, Cage diving with Sharks is definitely among ‘Things to do before you die’!

3. Walk with a lion, Mauritius

Walking with lions might seem like a stunt in a movie but ever imagined how exciting and lively that encounter would be? A lot of sanctuaries and expeditions offer personal encounters with lions and taking a walk with them in the jungle. Walking with a lion is as astonishing as it seems. Lions are one of the most graceful creatures on this planet, there are various species present but soon might be considered endangered.

The guides let you witness the huge elegant wild species in front of your eyes and even pat them. The moment before moving your hands towards the lion intensifies your breath which makes you relish each second of it and gives you goosebumps all over your body. The experience of walking beside a lion, watching them in their natural habitat, the cubs playing with each other is incomparable and a must-try lavish experience.

4. Meeting the Gentoo Penguins, Antartica

If there’s one thing everybody wants to do when they visit Antarctica, it is hanging out with penguins. Luckily this incredible experience is just about guaranteed no matter how and when you visit!

Personal and environmental responsibility says you have to stay more than 2 meters away from all wildlife, but with the penguins down in Antarctica being unfamiliar and unfazed with humans, don’t be surprised if some of them walk right up to you. You can find millions of these cute creatures wandering around the continent. This might sound like an impossible experience but traveling across the seas to meet these cute little creatures is just worth it, if lucky you might even encounter the other rare creatures too!

We only get one life to experience all the adventure and fun. Why not take every chance? Take up this rare wildlife adventure and encounter the world’s most unique species in front of your eyes and live your life fully with some epic and enduring memories.

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