Most Beautiful Experiences around in the Winter Wonderland: Explore Lapland, Finland

Finland is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe sharing borders with Sweden and Russia. You might remember it from your days in school as one of those countries that have 6 months day, 6 months night. Tourists all over the world flock to this country to experience the natural light show in the sky that is caused due to thermal emissions and disturbances in the magnetosphere. Many have called it a humbling experience, watching the sky play out a drama in bright technicolor making a person feel small, yet whole, at once. But that’s not all. Lapland, or the northern region of Finland has more in store for a tourist that guarantee a trip like no other.

Gaze the sky, sip your wine, let the lights ripple above you. Encounter the dancing beam of green and purple lights, immerse yourself in the warm water looking at the sky. Take a plane and get yourself that vacation you have waited a long time to see. The freezing Nordic air is knocking your door:

Best Time To Visit:

There are several times of the year where Lapland can be visited, depending on what you, as a traveler is looking for. The months of June, July and August offer the warmest temperatures, longest days; when the tourist facilities are running at full steam with the blossoming landscape. On the other hand, if the winter in the cradle of the Arctic countryside appeals to you more, then the months of December through April offer serene snowscapes and Lappish activities like dog-sledding and winter sports, whereas February and March are the best for both winter activities and more daylight hours. 

Star is an absolute beauty to watch. One needs to escape the city life to get the best bet. Here are some hotels we would like to showcase you which are beyond dreamy setups. Fine dining, thick blankets, crackling fires with some mesmerizing light display awaits at these stays! To help you decide, here are some activities and accommodations by reputed companies that bring all the luxury and magnificence of Scandinavia that you can hope to experience:


1. Northern Lights Ranch, Kongas

A unique restaurant, accommodation and activity facility, the Northern Lights Ranch is located in forested Kongas, 15km from Levi Ski Resort and 30km from Kittila Airport. Its remote location offers a vivid view of the much sought-after Northern Lights, hence the name. The restaurant serves the best of Lappish dishes with the menu being carefully planned by their chefs to ensure that the quality of the food meets the high standards of the venue. 

Northern Lights Ranch offers accommodation in the form of 16 Sky View Cabins which all feature huge glass windows and glass roofs making them ideal for viewing the exquisite surrounding nature and the Northern sky. You will literally fall asleep under the stars here.

2. Levin Iglut, Lapland

Levin Iglut in the hills of Lapland serves undoubtedly the best views one could ever get. While experiencing all these once-in-a-lifetime activities, you can plan your stay over here. They comprise of 24 glass igloos with the comfort of cost beds you can eat the northern lights. Drowned in pillows and blankets each igloo offers much more than a regular hotel. One can visit this place in mid-November to mid-April where one can ski at Levi resort before moving towards the light. Imagine waking up to the sky flowing like a liquid plasma screen- most of us tech-addicts might wonder, “How did my screensaver get that big?”


1. Aurora Ice Floating:

Dip yourself into the frozen lake under the Auroras and let your mind rest, sounds bizarre, doesn’t it! Tonight this is possible! This guided floating is totally safe with a high-quality rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry. As you have your own clothing under the suit you will not get cold even in the open 0-degree water. The circumstances are truly arctic! If the weather is clear you can see beautiful stars and may even get to marvel magnificent Northern Lights.

2. Snow Mobile Safari:

This snowmobile adventure offers a fantastic opportunity to learn how to master the art of driving a snowmobile. During the safari, you stop for a break to enjoy hot drinks and the silence of the wilderness. When the scenery is this dazzling, being in the open air on the back of a snowmobile is the only way to go. Get your thrills on these exhilarating winter tours in Lapland

Get ready for your next level experience of the Arctic sky and witness some beautiful and natural phenomenons in this life cause you never know what tomorrow has got for us! Come, be at one with nature. Have an experience of a lifetime, one where you don’t need Wifi and a network connection. Listen to the sounds of the earth, the ice and the skies, because if you try hard enough, the earth has music for those who listen.

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