Luxury Glamping at its best: The Luxury Canvas camping in Ladakh

Does the flavor of luxury in the middle of the Himalayan desert sound appealing to you?

Chamba Camp

The land of lamas – Ladakh, India is cherished for its picturesque locations, bewitching mountains, sprawling valleys, bustling markets and gushing streams.

A startling landscape, painted picture of indented mountains, high altitude trans-Himalayan Sand dunes, enormous and parched pathways, all leading to a certain enchanting, far-flung and beautiful, Nubra Valley, right in the bosom of two very ancient rivers – the Nubra and the Shyok, the place to be.

Is this portrait intriguing enough to lure you into visiting this old-world beauty, under the canvas of luxury?

This Ladakh luxury experience at Chamba Camp is exactly what we have in store for you.

From enjoying lavish picnics in the mountains, to attending soulful prayer ceremonies and having private seance sessions with the oracle , bespoke itineraries enveloping every detail of the experience are designed just for you, at all campsites of the camp- be it Thiksey or Disket. Every camp destination adds its own elements, which makes the experience more unique.

Moving forward

1. Accommodation

Live in a world of mountains, coffee, campfires, cabins and golden trees, learning the inner workings of everything real in sumptuous tents with modern amenities, while gasping at the beauty of the detail in your surroundings!

Still want more? Let us book for you a presidential suite with a complete lounge setting, a private patio, hand-picked contemporary items, most elegant fabrics, an in-built bar.

2. Trips and Experiences

If a soaring view of the Himalayas does not do the trick for you, we know what will. How about a raft down the Indus River or a ride on the back of a Bactrian camel? The ever smiling locals are ever ready to accompany you in your adventures.

Relish the best of regional and international cuisines, and if you do, why not engage in some culinary classes too? The inbuilt library is surely a feast for readers with cultural, spiritual and historical interests. Wallow in regional handicrafts and trinkets, hand crafted by the local community. Any interest you wish for can be tailored into a mesmerizing experience for you.

Are you still looking forward to more? Here are some out of the box experiences for you.

  • Experience fast and furious with the sport of the Royals- Polo, which is a lovely delight for the locals. A traditional Ladakhi song bursting every time you goal, is bound to keep you rooting for more! While at it, why not indulge in a game of Archery ?- An extremely cherished local sport and community entertainment for the locals.
  • Does bird watching interest you? If yes, this camp is your own personal paradise. The camp has a wide array of rare migrant species of birds, who are up and about every morning along the banks of River Indus. Would you also like to relish a hamper breakfast to end this beautiful morning by the river?( Yes, that is possible.)
  • Explore the culturally and historically rich Ladakh with cultural tours put together for you. Walk through the many hamlets, the mud bricked lanes, and scout the enchanting waterways. Go on your own little white water adventure on the Indus River as you raft and float through the most scenic beauties the valley has to offer.
  • Feed your spirituality in this divine landscape with visits to umpteen Buddhist monasteries adorning the valley. Each one of them meticulously designed with dazzling prayer rooms. The Thiksey monastery dots the background of the camp.
  • Be it a personal valet, a chauffeur driven car, your own tour guide, or any outburst of desire which you want catered to, with us, it is always within reach.

With paddy fields on one side, snow-capped mountains on the other, and a tinge of luxury, this is surely an experience of a lifetime.

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