Let us Plan your Big day!

Want to get the perfect escapade with your loved one? Want to make it special? As special as you and your partner are to each other and create memories you would cherish for life?

Ports of Monte Carlo

Here’s how you can go ahead with planning your big day with Lafayette Luxury.

We’d suggest a trip to Monte Carlo. The city to trust your luck and conquer hearts. The ideal retreat to depict love and togetherness with class and what exactly could you do on the special day?

Well, cruise to St. Tropez on a luxury yacht with angelic ambiance and divine music enjoying the magical French weather. Post which a private movie screening and lunch, arranged at ‘Le club 55’ with a personalized food menu to fill your hearts.

Here, joy would be an understatement. It would totally be all about exuberance, merry and bliss of content.

No that is not the end.

Pampelonne Beach Villa

Pampelonne, the beach known for its vibrance and serenity would obviously be the best epilogue to this mini fairy tale.

A multiple-layered cake arranged by us with love cut amidst the salty air and a tiny, cozy, luxurious bubble room where the entire night would be spent would be the happy ending to this jaunt.

Not sure if you even have the time to make this happen?

No worries you can still make her feel overwhelmingly loved by just being home.

Want to know how?

Well, we’d ideally have the entire house decked with fanciable lighting, soft metallic fringes hanging about the place, her favorite Lillies adding to the touch and fragrance of the moment, a special candlelight dinner with scrumptious food and finally the best part, a rotating photo screen taking you back to nostalgic times in the past with an orchestra playing in the back, to the tunes of warmth and intimacy.

And between the doting mood take that ring out, the one you specially handpicked from Tiffany’s and propose to her.

Even when you don’t know how to express your true emotion about a celebration, we have ideas already backed for action waiting for your assent to make it happen.

Exactly why you must over expect from the best days of your life.

Allow us to discharge Euphoria with a touch of luxury where you consider no wild wish of yours to be encompassed within your thoughts.

With Lafayette Luxury watch yourself sail through a living dream.

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