Concierge Services? Your Luxury Genie.

The only asset we have in our life is Time. Once gone, it can never come back.

Modern HNIs know that their time is their most precious resource. What if you had the luxury to save and use your time for the things you need focus on, while everything else is being taken care of by professionals who are experts in managing your day to day luxury and lifestyle needs.

everything else is being taken care of by professionals who are experts in managing your day to day luxury and lifestyle needs.”

From providing lifestyle solutions to giving access to the most exclusive VIP events, a luxury concierge is your genie in the bottle that not only grants you wishes ,but does that too in a blink of an eye .A concierge is your secret passport to luxury that helps you uncover the world of unmatched possibilities.

  • You are in England and the Wimbledon tournament is going on and you want to experience this prestigious sports event. But you are left helpless as there are no tickets available…your tickets are reserved!
  • You want to visit exclusive Fine Wine and Dine experience in the French region of Alsace or want to witness the breathtaking Northern lights in Norway or fly in a private seaplane to your own pristine private island in Bawah reserve near Singapore…Consider it done!
  • You are visiting Paris and among all those vibrant architecture, museums and romantic night lights you remember that it is the birthplace of one of the most iconic leather bag brand, Hermes. But when you reach the doors of Hermes, there is a long waiting line just to enter the store…your priority access is granted!

So What is it?

A concierge is a person or a company that helps you in managing your everyday lifestyle needs. The personal concierge service allows you to make the most of your time, without dealing with the details.

From managing your day-to- day affairs to getting a table at the hottest restaurant and also making you experience the best life has to offer. With the help of their highly skilled professionals and world wide network of service providers a concierge firm takes care of your essential but time consuming daily tasks on your behalf.


Reasons to have a concierge!


There are some people who like to delve into the little details of their life ,however for everyone else there is a luxury concierge that helps them make the most of their time with the things that means the most of them.

Written below are some reasons why an HNI needs a concierge service in their lives:

  1. To have the luxury of time
  2. To get exclusive access to unique experiences due to the vast network of a concierge service
  3. To have a hassle free travel where all the planning is done by someone you trust
  4. To free yourself from monotonous like tasks.


How you can avail a concierge?

When it comes to concierge, it is all about personalizing and customization. So a concierge usually provides two options to help you be part of the a better living:

  1. Monthly/Annual Membership packages: This options gives you uninterrupted access to services from such concierge firms that includes a big suite of curated services like, Gifting, Home management, Private jets, Exotic car rentals, Unique travel experiences and many more.
  2. On-demand concierge services: These services are more inclined towards specific request from impromptu clients and their scope of services are limited to certain lifestyle categories depending upon which concierge firm you deal with. The client relations with the company here is more transactional and less personalized.



Make a demand as extravagant or ordinary as it maybe, a concierge will make it happen. Their unparalleled roster of assorted services exists so as to rejuvenate the senses of its members and make things easier for them.