An Exclusive Country Castle – Your Next Luxury Binge!

Entwined in the midst of medieval Scottish Castles and modern luxury, through the majestic grandeur walls of the Turin Castle , let us give you a glimpse of what lies in the cards for you.

Right in the heart of Scotland, the land of cakes, at the country castle, experience the world of the most exclusive and luxurious dining. Yes, it is absolutely as magical and regal as it sounds. At the castle, live the lives of Scottish royals, with food taking you on your own exclusive gastronomic journey. Explore the unseen, uncommon and the most elusive of cuisines. It is not hard to see why people jet in from all over the globe.

Helicopter transfers, regal suites, and bespoke luxury; here is all you need to know about this magical stay.

Your royal distilled abode

The ten beautifully appointed rooms, each have an astounding view of the garden ,beyond to the Angus Glens , and blend in meticulously with the character of the property. Wake up and stroll through the golden sand of the Lunan Bay Beach as you sway in the beauty of verdant landscapes.

Raise a toast to the produce of Scotland

Relish the most exotic of cuisines prepared through traditional methods by the original artisans of Scotland. What a wonderful way to experience true delicacies and yet, respect and conserve the environment.

Encounter Money Can’t Buy Experiences

Want to sample fresh wild foods prepared by gourmet chefs direct from the source? How about a wild fishing experience? Splurge at the archery range or take advantage of VIP photography tours arranged at your request. Feel the wild drama of Scotland with breathtaking Scottish landscapes, finest foods, traditions and culture.

Engage in the best entertainment Scotland has to offer

We believe that luxury is more about experiences than appearances, and hence, we ensure that you only experience the most unrivalled adventures and flawless services. From helicopter pickups to off road driving in the highlands, guided walk tours in the Scottish highlands, or feasting your eyes with falconry displays, we make tailored arrangements for you. Performances by world class performers after dinner or a helicopter tour of Skye, – we can make it happen.

Exclusive VIP dining

Do not wish to dine with the crowd? How about a private dinner with the head Michelin chef or a formal dinner at the castle with dinner prepared by him? From Lunch at the A1 Scottish restaurant – Lochbay , to Michelin Gala Dinner at the castle, all in one day, you are in for the most remarkable dining experience of your life.






Discover the finer things in life

Your stay is bound to feel like a seven day weekend, in the lap of luxury. Choose your whiskey extravaganza with rarest cellar malts as you revel in the finest flavors of whiskey at exclusive distillery tours. Relish the Al Fresco Lunch by the Scottish countryside.

Loosen up at a luxurious spa day at Gleneagles or practice you swing at the most iconic golf courses in the world.

Your next escapade, encounter the most exclusive, ostentatious and sensational aspects of Scotland with Michelin dining experiences, and an opportunity to hit the trail with the finest Scotland has to offer.

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