Always wondered how a personal shopper can help you?

If you are a Luxury fashion aficionado and seek a complete buying experience and assistance in your buying decisions, the team of personal shoppers and stylist at Lafayette Luxury concierge services will be at your disposal whenever, wherever, however.

Lafayette Luxury provides tailor made plans for its members and clients who desire a great mixture of luxury experiences and exceptional services. Which include access to VIP concerts, cultural events, procuring luxury dining reservations at hard to get in restaurants and luxury travel experiences. Not to forget, getting your hands on the new collection launched by any luxury brand. 

Lafayette Luxury believes, luxury is all about experience and having that personal touch. In the past few years, luxury fashion houses and even high-end fashion brands have understood the importance of selling an experience rather than a product. As the competition in the luxury market segment is getting fiercer by the day, the luxury brands are leaving no stone unturned to give personalized experience to their clients by having in house personal shoppers, private viewings followed by dinner parties and even allowing the clients to shop from the comfort of their home.

Not all Luxury brands have their presence in India, yet. However, the affluent and influential Indians are well versed with the luxury brands present globally and also are the consumers of the same. If they wish to procure any item from these brands, it is not always a viable option to travel all the way to a different country just to shop. Lafayette Luxury Concierge with the help of their personal shoppers globally, steps in and delivers the item to their member /client’s doorstep.  If their member wishes to hire a full-time personal shopper, they assign one who look after all their shopping and gifting needs.

According to team Lafayette, having a personal shopper not only saves your time on looking for the item and procuring it but also helps an individual to be well informed on the new trends in the market, launch date of limited editions and pre-orders for the same and also help them to host their birthday parties at their favorite brand store keeping the store open after working hours.

Personal Shoppers do not only help you shop, but also will style you up for any event. These days brands collaborate with personal shoppers as they can turn an item into an outfit. For instance, the client may ask the personal shopper to buy her this particular skirt. The personal shopper would not just do that but might recommend her client a top from the store which will go with it perfectly to complete the overall look. Even find apt accessories taking into consideration the taste and physique of her client. Thus, instead of buying a single item the client may buy the entire outfit, a happy experience for everyone.

Apart from personal shopping, Lafayette has tied up with luxury brands for in house shopping experience, where the member wishes to procure a particular item from the brand, the sales representatives from the store along with the item and few other options visit the member’s house and showcases it to them. This gives the member to shop from the comfort of their home. When it comes this service globally, Lafayette has tied up with firms which helps them to provide in house shopping to the members hotel room even when they are travelling.

“When our client is on a shopping spree while travelling, we make sure to care of their entire experience, from having a chauffer driven car, a butler to help them carry their bags to providing a nanny for their child in the meantime” Lafayette members can get the access to VIP lounges in fashion houses if they wish to personalize or get a custom-made item.

To conclude with a fine example of a luxury experience; for the clients visiting the UK, Lafayette Luxury sets up this exclusive luxury shopping therapy experience for them in a villa where they can spend an entire day, getting pampered. An inhouse personal shopping spree with the brands you prefer!