Airport Concierge Service – Your Guide to a Hassle-Free Airport Experience

With fast changing world of travel and airports handling traffic of more than hundred million passengers every year, it is prominent that business travellers waste a lot of their productive time waiting in airport security queues, immigration and customs queues and waiting between connecting flights.

Though airports make their best efforts to combine safety and efficiency. Still, the Transportation Security Administration recommends travellers arrive two hours before departure.

Not only do the lines crush productivity, but their uncertainty also adds stress. Waiting time may only increase as the number of flyers do. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts the number of air travellers globally to double to 7.8 billion by 2038.

However, with the advent of Airport Concierge Service, travellers can look forward to a convenient and hassle free airport experience.

What is Airport Concierge?

Airport Concierge Services are focussed on providing stress-free airport experience to travellers. A greeter will meet travellers upon arrival and help ensure a smooth arrival/departure. The greeter takes care of all the details allowing clients to simply enjoy their day.

The porter service assists the travellers in handling and checking in their luggage to dropping them to the boarding gate of the aircraft and is available to the assistance of the travellers throughout.

They include:

  • Lounge access during down time, plus traveller meet-and-greet.
  • Curb-side, then escorting them through fast-track security and accompanying them to their gate.
  • From the arrival gate to the departure gate, including fast-track customs, immigration and security.
  • Gate-side, then accompanying them to the curb with expedited customs and immigration.

Airport Concierge Services can handle a sticky situation in the security and provide you access to their VIP lounges to aid you in making productive use of your wait time at airports and will keep you posted about your flight timings to avoid anxiety and relieve you of your stress.

Be it your birthday or any special occasion, airport concierge services help you celebrate your most important days by making special arrangements for you at the airport and making sure you feel special on the days you truly deserve to irrespective of you being at the airport on such days.

Who is it for?

Airport Concierge Services can be used by anyone in the constantly evolving state of travel

affairs. The rich and luxury consumers have been using these services for a while. Celebrities are often spotted at airports with their greeters by their side.

However, it is not a ‘VIP only’ service anymore. With the increase in the number of companies

offering these services and with growing popularity of the services among the travellers, the

prices for the services have become affordable while adding luxury and comfort to your travel experience.

Things with which Airport Concierge helps:

  • You are a senior citizen needing assistance with handling your luggage or understanding the process at the airports, the greeter shall guide you with all your needs and provide special assistance with arrangements of wheelchair to helping you handle your luggage throughout your airport experience.
  • Are you a non-English speaking traveller? You can streamline the process by reserving a personal concierge who speaks your preferred language. Airport Concierge Service provides an extra level of comfort when navigating through an unfamiliar airport.
  • Travelling with children? You might always need additional aid while dealing with airports and your little ones. Airport Concierge Services can help provide a nanny to sit your baby while you relax at their comfortable lounge sipping on your favorite drinks or reading the best-seller you had plan to read on board.
  • When travelling with a group of people with loads of luggage, there can’t be a better opportunity than this to make the best use of the airport VIP service. From handling your entire group’s luggage to dropping your group to the boarding gate in their electric golf cart making it a truly opulent experience to begin your vacation with, right from the beginning.
  • Airport Concierge Service is perfect for any parent who wants to ensure their child gets to/from their plane with ease. The greeter will always stay by their side and advise a friend or family member of travel status along the way.
  • If you’re a business professional, you’d truly love experiencing airport concierge companies handling all your airport logistics to simplifying the airport procedures by helping you skip queues to expediting security lines to ensure you waste the least time possible in boarding your flight.

Where can you book?


You can book an airport concierge service online through several private companies operating at over hundreds of airports worldwide starting from INR 500 for a simple porter service at Mumbai Airport to INR 2,700 and upwards for a comprehensive airport concierge service while travelling.

You can also reach out to travel sites and agents who can help you avail VIP airport services at any airport in the world.

Many airlines have started offering specialty airport concierge service for their business and first class travellers.

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