A Mystery Drink: Divulge In These Hidden Lush Bars Around The World

There is so much to observe and look into the massive world of ours, but have you ever wondered about the infinite unseen possibilities? As mysteriously fascinating as it sounds, it’s true that we love to savor lush mysterious experiences in our life. From trying out a new menu to stumbling upon a hidden bar in the world, everyone loves to experience something enthralling.

Here is a list of mystical bars hidden out there in the open which serve your scotch in the most luxurious way possible. These hidden bars are no less than royalty:

1. Foxglove, London

What is the first thing that pops in your mind when you think about London? Fancy monuments, luxury brands? There’s one more addition to the list fancy and exquisite restaurants and bars. The spot is worked around the idea of a hidden speakeasy behind an extravagance umbrella boutique, designed by an erratic, globe-running English gentleman.

The Foxglove is intended to imitate and pay tribute to his experiences far and wide. The best way to get to it is to locate the extraordinary umbrella towards the finish of the boutique. Touch it, a secret panel is opened next to you, and you can enter this magical, fantasy world.

We’re not done yet, there is a covered up VVIP room inside this mysterious yet luxury bar. To get inside, you should know the magic trick, inquisitive guests must locate the unique flower painting toward the end of a hall, touch it until it starts shinning. This indicates the nearby bartender to open a door, where a classic library, complete with a roomy bar awaits.

2. Barber Shop, Sydney

What about a gin while getting a hairstyle? This exquisite bar is a barbershop, deftly referencing an old era when the conventional gentleman’s barbershop was a social hub for a male-only clientele – seamlessly melded with the popular trend for speakeasy-style drinking nooks, The Barbers Shop has quickly turned out to be one of Sydney’s most acclaimed cocktail bars.

Advance past the gentlemen getting hairstyles and you’ll locate a spectacular room filled exquisitely with perfect mahogany tables, a tiled bar, and dividers of British hustling green.

It feels a little sparse and rigid however the custom appears to be suitable when you’re dealing in a gin cocktail, close shaves, and stiff upper lips. There is a spirits menu longer than your beard and Enright’s team are so big on gin, they’ve put it on tap.

3. Operation Dagger, Singapore

What about a bar with no name on the entrance? Operation Dagger is a secret Singapore bar that’s so hidden there’s no name on the door. The owners Luke Whearty and Aki Nishikura have matched their passion for bartending with their wealth of experience. The lavish mysterious bar is situated in the heart of the city, takes on a speakeasy vibe with a non-descript entry down a dark staircase leading the way. This intimate bar is minimalistic in style with a featured chandelier dominating the space.

That’s just the beginning; even the bottles of hooch have no labels so don’t come here with preconceptions of the flavors you may like. On a stack of shelves behind the bar, apothecary-style bottles are hand-labeled with codes known only to the bartenders, identifying the spirit that has been redistilled and infused with different and unusual results. Operation Dagger is just the right place to spend a stimulating night in Singapore.

4. Ladies and Gents Bar

While the establishment of bars into disused underground toilets may not be anything fascinating, Ladies and Gentlemen have figured out how to push itself into the postings for ‘Best Bars’ in London or the UK as well as around the globe. Tucked underground, comfortable and faintly lit with unique highlights, such as pre-WW2 marble flooring and wall décor including Victorian urinals the bar is surprisingly welcoming.  New cut blooms, columns of books and an exceptional piano help set the pace and scattering of just a few tables give this venue feel exclusive. The atmosphere on a Saturday night is reminiscent of a bustling wartime local.

In London’s sea of pretentious, overpriced, chain and members bars, Ladies and Gentlemen is a breath of fresh air.  It is a family business and as a result, the love and care that has gone into every aspect are evident. Whether you’re on a first date, celebrating a birthday or simply looking for a great night out Ladies and Gentlemen are guaranteed to impress.

5. Please Don’t Tell (PDT) Bar, New York

Narnia made us believe in the magical world behind a regular closet door and PDT Bar has given the precise feeling of an eccentric atmosphere through a secret door in a telephone booth. Enter through a phone booth in Crif Dogs and get transported to a sexy hideaway where you can post up with inventive takes on Old Fashioneds and Sazeracs alongside waffle fries nestled in foil. Although the name insists you “Please Don’t Tell,” the secret’s clearly out so it’s best to make reservations.

The unique speakeasy bar is not like any other casual bars, sophistication and gloomy ambiance is what best describes the atmosphere. The chic and low-key bar adds a funky touch to the decor with taxidermy-adorned walls and dim-lights just set the perfect ambiance for the bar. Not only the secret telephone booth is the attraction, but delicious high-quality cocktails and mouth-watering snacks are what bring the guests following!

You would’ve heard about those fancy cafes and burger joints but having the best drink of your life in a hidden bar is not something you’d like to miss! If having a heavenly drink of gin while getting a bold haircut or getting teleported from a telephone booth to an extravagant secret bar is what you desire, reach out to these extrinsic bars to experience it all.

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